WELCOME TO Surrender house
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    Thanks for joining us on our site! We are excited to tell you what we are all about. We opened our first home in April of 1999 for women.I had been in recovery myself at that time for 12 years. My heart had been burdened for sometime because their was very few places that a woman could go for recovery. After many years of active addiction, methadone clinics, geographical changes, treatment centers. I finally found something that worked for me. I found the12 Steps and Gods Grace. I surrendered!! I found that it was possible to change and find a new way to live. It has been my mission and my desire to carry that message to the still suffering addict and alcoholic for as long as I live. If you or someone you love has this disease and would like to find a program that can work for them, please give us a call!
                  Liz Huston